Our Founding Story

Just like many other compelling founding stories, InsiderFinance was founded to solve a persistent problem in the trading industry.

The creators of InsiderFinance, Rob and Trey, had previously used many order flow platforms that gave them a raw list of trades, without offering them any meaningful context as to which they should pursue. As a result, they missed out on some very good trades and even made some pretty bad ones.

Adding to their frustration, Rob and Trey realized they were spending a lot of time sorting through raw data and interpreting advanced technical indicators to find high-potential trades. By the time they finally found one, they often missed the best entry due to the longevity of that process.

After months of trying every order flow tool and technical analysis software available with minimal success, Rob and Trey decided to combine their expertise to create InsiderFinance and solve these problems for themselves and other retail traders.

Rob has applied his extensive training in finance and derivatives to turn data into actionable insights for the world’s most prestigious capital markets firms since 2013, and Trey is a trained quant and software engineer who has built some of the world’s most disruptive tech products for Silicon Valley unicorns since 2014.

Together, they aimed to build the most complete platform for retail traders that would level the data advantage with Wall Street while also being so simple and intuitive that traders of any skill level can use it effectively to profit in the financial markets.

The result is InsiderFinance, the most complete platform to give traders of any experience level the tools and actionable insights for better and quicker data-driven decisions in trading any asset class.

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