What Problem Do We Solve?

The world of trading has changed considerably. Many years ago, the real challenge in retail trading was accessing information. However, as data becomes more widely available every day, access to data is no longer exclusive to big institutions.

The problem right now is that traders are drowning in a sea of information and need tools to analyze and interpret complex data to make better trading decisions in less time. Data without context is not helpful.

In today’s landscape, a successful trader needs high-quality, processed data and the tools to generate trade ideas and research high-potential trades.

Because institutional traders control the market, understanding and interpreting institutional flows is critical to help traders increase their chances of success within the current market context.

High potential trade ideas have a much higher chance of success when supported by strong technical analysis.

Because sophisticated technical indicators are complex to understand and challenging to implement, traders need fast and accurate technical analysis software to identify optimal entries/exits and trade confidently.

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