How Do We Solve The Problem?

For years, traders have been demanding better software because they saw that they could increase their probability of success if they had the right tools.

InsiderFinance is the top platform offering traders clarity when it comes to big data and technical analysis.

Our proprietary algorithm analyzes institutional options order flow and dark pool prints to provide actionable market intelligence that helps traders identify upcoming market movements and figure out patterns that can turn into profitable trades.

Our proprietary, fully automated technical analysis system takes the guesswork out of finding winning chart setups to help traders identify optimal entry and exits points to maximize returns on every trade.

Coupled with extensive education and a supportive trading community, InsiderFinance offers a complete trading system.

The InsiderFinance trading system makes big data and complex technical analysis easy to understand and simple to use, resulting in highly successful trades for any asset class and satisfied traders of any skill level.

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